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Chaya is really gifted at synthesizing and applying information.  
This is a really useful organizational skill that helps students gain a deeper understanding of the material.  She can take a seemingly obscure concept from the Ayurveda/Yogic tradition (a dietary tenant, a verse from the sutras, etc.) and relate it to current day to day life as well as the path of a yoga teacher.

Chaya teaches asana in a careful and intelligent way.  
She brings a vast amount of knowledge about the body from her background in dance as well as massage therapy in addition to her decades of asana-it’s a lovely combination!

Chaya stands out as a teacher of substance to me.  
In the age of social media celebr-yogis, she is a breath of fresh air! Her trainings and experience as a yoga teacher/ayurvedic practitioner are vast-from asana to philosophy to anatomy-she has so much to share with students!!

She is the kind of presenter who genuinely listens to comments/questions from students.  
Her trainings don’t feel like “let me tell you everything I know” -rather, they feel more like a conversation.  

She skillfully drops breadcrumbs of knowledge and guides students along as they “pick up the trail” of knowledge. 
Stacey Abbott, YTT Director, Journey's In Yoga, Tallahassee, Florida

Chaya is a gifted and radiant yoga teacher.  Her depth of knowledge and experience makes her classes interesting, accurate and clear.  Her authenticity and spontaneity give her a connection with the group that feels uplifting, safe and effective. 

Chaya has proven her organizational skills through her wealth of training and credentials.  She has many years experience as a yoga teacher, trainer and retreat presenter.  

Chaya’s presentations were always well structured and organized and her material was easy to absorb.
Alison Gaines, Holistic Health Educator and Program Director, Lenox, MA

This is probably the first appointment I've experienced that sounds very promising for my future
Ken Willa, Software Developer, Jacksonville, Florida

I just thought I would write and give you an update and a huge thank you. I've been off prescription medications now for about two weeks and continuing to follow your plan (mostly) even though you are not a doctor, you're the only one who has been able to come up with a plan that has turned things around for me, so thank you very much!
Ken Willa, Software Developer, Jacksonville, Florida

It was an honor to meet and work with and learn from Chaya. She is a special teacher with many gifts; patience, articulate, compassionate, balanced, wonderful teacher, lovely smile. Anonymous

I gained improved well being and gained understanding on how to better care for myself and my health.
Ratna Chandra, Orlando, FL

Chaya is amazing, knowledgeable and sensitive. This may be the life changing experience I’ve been waiting for!
Ana Rabatin

I gained a much deeper understanding of Ayurvedic principles and philosophy than from my self study. The instructor, Chaya was so knowledgeable of her subject and her teaching methods are excellent.
Namarada Deborah Houser, Medical Assistant, St. Augustine, FL

Chaya’s capacity to reach in for the spiritual pertinence was at moments, breathtaking.
Jane Schaeffer

What I liked most was the time to digest both food and thought. To slow down and be in the reality as is without any interruptions of the external daily flow of the ordinary, as it is on the outside. The loving kindness of the therapists, Chaya and how they guided us through (the experience) with love, compassion and connection. The most significant experience was Chaya’s determination to go at your own pace and her constant searching for what was right for you. She was so knowledgeable and persistent in gently easing the layers of illness to peace, clarity and the stillness within. I am very grateful. The grounds were very serene and uplifting and of course seeing and hearing and experiencing Gurudev. The kirtan was fabulous and the movie was so informative. Thank you Chaya for an experience of a life time. I can’t wait to share with others about this wonderful life changing experience.
Deby Goldenberg, Educator, CT

Even though Gurudev (Amrit Desai), was not as included as the last time, Chaya knows the teachings so well, I felt Gurudev’s presence. The subtle levels of imbalance were addressed. The chanting and pranayama and darshans were highly effective in accessing healing prana. Loved small details like the movie, cooking class and fun. The most important aspect was the constant re-evaluation of progress during the program. A lot of fine tuning along the way. Clear directions and/or observation of personal traits supported growth. I found Chaya very interactive and passionate.
Radika La Valley, Yoga Teacher, CT

This course was very good, with a lot of information covered in 5 days!! I will integrate this in my life by creating better health habits for myself and in my career helping private clients, incorporating some of the mudras and mantras into my classes. I like the big picture approach.
Anonymous, Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner, Oviedo, FL

This course was wonderfully enlightening. It was so much more than I expected. I learned about myself, most of all. I will move forward with joy and not push to find my dharma, it will appear.
Jennifer Grant, Writer/Yoga Instructor, Gainesville, FL

I never felt bored during the lecture parts of the course. You kept it fresh and fun. The Ayurvedic Yoga Intensive has given me a much deeper understanding of ayurveda and its incredible capacity for self-healing. The knowledge that I gained will lead me further down this path of healing and self-realization.
Corinne Knab, Yoga Teacher Manitowoc, WI

What specific experiences were the most meaningful/powerful for you? For me, a non-MS person, it was seeing everyone respond to the Yoga and information given them. The people with MS seemed to become more at ease with themselves and even with being with others, as well as embracing their condition.Chaya was very attuned to everyone's needs and energies and kept the class flowing and moving with compassion and so much knowledge of the course material.I don't have MS, but am a Yoga Teacher who hopes to be able to help people who have it. This was an excellent training for helping me in that direction."
Karen McIlwain, Yoga Teacher, Rolla, MO

Being with a group of people who came together for (because) MS or other health related reasons, to improve themselves and live the best way they can is so powerful! About Chaya- Terrific! Helpful and attentive. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience her gifts.This program has given me more tools to add to my MS arsenal. My experiences came at a perfect time.
Nadine Shapiro, Manchester, CT

I have learned to be more positive with myself and I know it will change my life continually for the rest of my life.
Cheryl Ann Cummins, Des Moines, IA

I have gained a greater understanding of myself and a greater sense of power and control over my disease. I feel it will change my life by helping me to continue to discern what a holistic lifestyle means to me.
Carey Esposito, Greenfield, MA

I am sooooo very proud to be your student and have you as a mentor.
Sara Kanter, Social Worker, NJ

Thank you for the wonderful presentation during the past five days and for your assurance that your program would be helpful for me. Without that earlier assurance I think I would not have attended.Your program answered many questions that I've had, and helped me to understand and think differently about Yoga practice.
Matthew Ferris, Electrician, Marlborough,MA

The variety was beneficial. Excellent presenting, demonstrating, and awareness of participants needs.

I was most touched by the message of integration of the physical and the soul. Chaya was so gentle at getting the lesson taught and encouragement to go there.
Liz Kopel, Physician, Wellesley, MA

Chaya is a real local treasure—listen to her.
Katherine Hruby, Homeopathic MD, Easthampton, MA

Chaya is a gift—skilled, warm and supportive.
Toni Fontanini, Retired Teacher and consultant, Des Moines, IA

I thought there was a nice balance between Yoga and theory, sharing and lecturing. It was even better than I expected.Chaya is a warm caring presenter and person. She kept classes focused while letting people share their experiences and ask questions. The structure and content of her class was excellent. Her assistant was very available and helped me with adapting many toga poses to my ability."
Cordelia Vahadji, Manchester, CT

It is difficult to get this amount of information across and Chaya was very capable, understanding, and organized to be able to do the unfolding that helped all to learn to nurture the self and bring home the components of the training.
Alison Abrams, Nurse Practitioner/Yoga Teacher, Long Island, NY

Thanks so much for sharing your vast knowledge in such a loving, caring manner. I don't have words to describe how I have sensed and felt, even while driving home, that a "shift" in myself had occurred. More times than not I have returned from a training exhausted and depleted on several levels. After six days in Alachua, I feel rested, renewed, and forever positively changed -- with new doors/realms opening -- I don't know how to describe it, but it's all good! Must have been a pranic moment!
Carol Herndon, Yoga Teacher, Valdosta, GA

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