ChayaVeda Integrative Healing Arts
An Ayurvedic Approach to Health Education, Wellness and The Art and Science of Living Well

Hello and welcome to ChayaVeda™ Integrative Healing Arts: An Ayurvedic Approach to Health Education, Wellness and The Art and Science of Living Well, utilizing Ayurveda's personalized and root cause system as an integral component of total healthcare.

The ChayaVeda™ Integrative Healing Arts Studio is Gainesville's Ayurvedic Clinic providing quality care for the health and betterment of our community, where clients receive a traditional Ayurvedic approach to health care that includes assessment, consultation and coaching, with diet, herbal and lifestyle education, massage and body treatments, cleansing and rejuvenation programs and panchakarma, yoga therapy, that includes awareness and mindfulness practices, integrative healing techniques, and addressing blocks to access higher states of happiness, joy and wellness.

Chaya's Ayurvedic educational programs cover all aspects necessary for a person or practitioner to provide positive healing and wellness services for themselves or to their patients and clients. Classes are designed for anyone who wishes to learn and practice the Ayurvedic approach.

ChayaVeda™ Panchakarma Purifying, Rejuvenating Health Retreats are comprehensive programs, known for their beneficial effects on over all health, wellness, rejuvenation and longevity, and are Ayurveda's signature therapy, offering opportunity to re-engineer habits through a life changing experience.

"I believe everyone has the ability to live their highest potential and that empowering, restoring and awakening a single person can change the world". Chaya

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