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Panchakarma Benefits


Panchakarma is Ayurveda's holistic way of creating personal cleansing, purifying and rejuvenating programs for the body, mind and consciousness, known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing. 

ChayaVeda's signature PANCHAKARMA and seasonal cleansing are purifying and rejuvenating programs for the body, mind and consciousness, known for their beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing. ChayaVeda's programs are tailored according to each individual’s constitution, age, condition and specific needs and are a unique, natural, holistic, health-giving series of therapeutic treatments that consist of a balance of cleansing and rejuvenating body therapies that remove deep seated toxins, open the subtle channels of the body and mind and are life-enhancing, and engineer healthy habits, improving energy, vitality, inner peace, confidence and well-being. 

Chaya assess each individual to determine how much of cleansing and how much of rejuvenation is appropriate for their constitution, age and condition and works closely with each client to monitor their progress at every step along the way.

Benefits of panchakarma include:
Eliminate physical & mental toxins
Restore physical, constitutional & emotional balance
Improve physical, mental & emotional health
Strengthen physical and emotional immunity
Deep physical and mental relaxation
Improved physical and mental energy
Improved physical and emotional vitality
Improved physical and mental clarity
Improved Gut Health
Improved Brain Health
Improved Circulation
Improved Digestion
Improved Skin
Improved Microbiome
Improved RhinoSinoBiome

Slow the aging process
Improved sense of well-being


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Residential or Commuter, Full or Mini options to adapt to each person's unique needs and goals.
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