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When asked, most adults would agree they are aware of what changes in their lifestyles would result in being healthier. So that begs the question, “why, as a country, are we so unhealthy?” Most adults want to make changes but they come to find that changes are hard to make. As humans, we like familiarity. You may have heard of the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. My primary job as a Health Coach, is to change behavior of my clients, re-engineering patterns to move them in the direction of optimal wellness.

I observe people adopting the current diet and lifestyle trends and wonder why they still have digestive issues and don’t feel well. And that’s where like the rubber meets the road, Ayurveda meets health coaching.

Health Coaching is becoming more in demand as we move into an age of skyrocketing health care costs. There is a sharp increase in the number of people who are becoming more and more conscious with their health, yet we see more and more people with chronic conditions and not being able to live their full potential.

Ayurveda ‘s simplistic definition is the wisdom of life, understood and applied through its study of the doshas and the effects of diet and lifestyle on them is what modern science is now catching up to with their more modern terms and study of genetics and epigenetics, and, if this is the root of disease then it is obvious that the Ayurvedic Health Coach is indispensable.

It takes 40 days for the full cycle of digestion in the body and 3-6 months for the changes to become one’s new normal with less chance for back sliding. Though some people come for one Ayurvedic consultation and can apply it to their life and get the results they need, often people leave and within a week they are trying a dozen other things, dabbling around, mixing and matching and then they think Ayurveda doesn’t work. One of my great teachers, TKV Desikechar said, pick one thing, and go deeply into it. The Yoga Sutra state that one must practice consistently with proper attitude, attention, and appropriate effort over a sustained period of time to achieve success in ones’ desired goals.

Knowing your dosha helps you understand your basic physical nature and tailor a personal diet & lifestyle that maintains optimum health, and, it requires skill and correct knowledge to Ayurvedically assess, analyze, and problem solve, and understand how things ebb, flow, and transform and how to recognize the root cause of a person’s imbalance is not always as simplistic, as people assume, especially when there is a state where the doshas have already been altered enough, so that to the lay person, it is unrecognizable. Kind of like life, we think we see one thing, but it's really something else, often because they have been altered by wrong diet, lifestyle and thinking.

To accommodate a health coaching model based upon Ayurveda principles, Chaya created the ChayaVeda Transformational Wellness Program. It is available 4 times a year, along with ChayaYoga, at UF Health and it is also available privately at ChayaVeda Integrative Healing Arts Studio.

Ayurvedic Health Coaching consists of intensive weekly sessions for the first four weeks with follow ups every 30 days.

A combination of Ayurvedic Consultation, Education and Assessment and Health Coaching that includes goal setting, engineering healthy habits for improved physical activity, stress management and diet and lifestyle modification for sustained and optimal results. 


3 month program: $130 per month: 4 weekly sessions, 2 monthly sessions
6 month program: $90 per month: 4 weekly sessions, 5 monthly sessions


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