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An Ayurvedic Approach to Health Education, Wellness and The Art and Science of Living Well
ChayaVeda™ Transformative Wellness Program

Engineer Health Habits with An Ayurvedic Approach to Nutrition and Holistic Living

Re-Engineer Habits and Up-Level Your Health and Well Being in 6 Weeks
With Ayurvedic Education and Coaching with Chaya

Advanced program for graduates meets the second Wednesday of each month

The ChayaVeda Method is an immersion into the principles of Ayurveda and holistic living for self healing, rejuvenation and longevity.
This program is suitable for anyone wishing to learn about Ayurveda and its scope of practice and apply practical applications for self healing and rejuvenation. 

As a result of taking this course students will be able to develop an individualized daily routines that include diet, lifestyle and practical tools to thrive, engineer habits for self-care that lead to transformation, good health, peace, and vitality; and unlock their healing and creative potential.

Date: 6 WednesdaysSeptember 12th -October 24th, 2018 (no class Sept.19th)
At The Gainesville Health and Fitness, 4820 W Newberry Rd, Gainesville, FL 32607
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Course Fee: includes course manual with weekly worksheets. (Discount available for GHF members, contact them to register)

Advanced Program for graduates: meets the second Thursday of each month:
6 Thursdays: September 13th, October 11th, November 15th, December 13th, January 10th, February 14th
Held at ChayaVeda Integrative Healing Arts Studio: Foxbridge 3, 2631 NW 41st Street, Suite E-6, Gainesvile, Florida 32606
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12 CEU's for LMT, NCBTMB provider #50-19283 and Yoga Teachers.
All are welcome, no prior experience is needed.

Individual Health Coaching Packages are also available

Ayur means life and veda means to know. Chaya distills this wisdom of holistic living known as a science of self healing, rejuvenation and longevity, into 6 weekly sessions filled with practical information and experiences to live a happier and healthier life. 

The ChayaVeda Transformational Wellness Program is designed and facilitated by Chaya~Sharon Heller. Chaya has been developing and delivering programs for over 20 years at notable health and wellness centers around the world where she is known for her life enriching programs. 

Learn Ayurveda’s practical tools for diet and lifestyle adapted according to your constitution, condition, needs and goals with appropriate nutrition, and self-care, re-engineering habits for good health, rejuvenation, and peace, Learn the Ayurvedic, and Yoga Science Based Approach to Natural Health, Mindfulness, and Well-being. Chaya presents relative evidence based sources integrated with the original Ayurvedic texts.

The philosophy of integrative wellness embraces ancient wisdom and modern science.  It recognizes that health and wellbeing result from modifiable lifestyle factors such as our food, movement, rest, thoughts, emotions, and relationships that contribute to either disease or health and the overall quality of our lives.  

In this course you will learn practical tools for self-care, good health, rejuvenation, peace, and vitality in a supportive group setting that encourages transformative learning. 
Take control, evolve, and thrive!

· Practical tools:  to thrive · engineer habits for self care · transformation for good health · rejuvenation · peace · vitality ·
· Diet and lifestyle modifications · rejuvenation · health optimization · creative potential ·

To Transform: Stress · Fatigue · Weight · Cravings · Mood Swings · Relationships ·

· Chronic Pain · Physical Health ·

6 Weekly facilitated sessions include:

Setting your intentions and re- engineering your habits through:

1. Adapt your habits in the shortest amount of time through understanding your body type and circadian rhythms, and how to start your day right.

2. Learn about healthier eating according to your constitution, taking care of digestive fire, rejuvenation, purification, and the power of food as medicine. 

3. Understand the importance of stress reduction, and experience the value of deep relaxation through breathing, meditation, yoga nidra, and self-massage

4.Examine emotional health/relationships and develop peace of mind through conscious eating and communication.

5. Make sense of the choices from the “Healing Buffet” of natural health, and learn how to sculpt a personal plan that evolves your health and well being. Identify root causes of imbalance, and assume awareness and clarity for evaluating results and reframing goals, at work, home, and leisure. 

Experiencial Sessions Include: Breathing, body awareness, creating healthy posture, guided meditation, deep relaxation,  yoga nidra, create goals and affirmations, conscious communication, co-listening and group dialogue

Didactic Sessions Include: Understand your constitutional body type and appropriate diet, and lifestyle modifications, food as medicine, taking care of digestive fire, the role of emotions and thoughts, rejuvenation, purification, healthy sleep, the affects of harmonizing with the rules and rhythms of nature

What students are saying about ChayaVeda:

“ChayaVeda is an excellent course for people who are looking to take more responsibility for their health and life. I feel I’m re-connecting with myself again, and things I had forgotten or put aside for a time”
Penny VanMeir, AP Clerk, Micanopy, FL

“This course was excellent. I felt that all the topics were well covered and the teacher very knowledgeable!”
Christina Black, Retired, Gainesville, FL

“I enjoyed the program and felt like I could connect the material with everyday life. It also served as a reminder to practice self-care”
John Keislich, Wellness Education Coordinator, Gainesville, FL

“This course opened doors and encourage me to walk through. I found class time very engaging. Many of the principles we discussed percolated throughout the weeks in the course of my day. I have become more focused on my breathing than before. On occasions when I feel my emotions escalating, I have been able to see it earlier and control it better”
Scott Fox, Administrator, Gainesville, FL

“I’m more aware of my stress related behavior and learned to see myself in a different way”
Keo Fox, Self-Employed, Gainesville, FL

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ChayaVeda Transformational Wellness
Course Fee: $165.00

Course Fee: $50.00



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