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Ayurvedic Doshic Questionnaire

The Ayurvedic Doshic Questionnaire is a wonderful teaching tool to learn how the elements and doshas present themselves and to understand your elemental constitution at conception and their current state, as discussed in my blog post.


Download the questionnaire document and complete it by circling the characteristics that apply to you. You can choose more than one answer in each category. Add up how much is of vata, pitta and kapha.


Complete the form twice. First time according to your current state, and then as per your previous state or when you were younger.

The first, current state shows you where to begin finding balance, and the second shows you your natural state of doshic balance.

The questionnaire is a good teaching tool, but not a substitute for professional Ayurvedic analysis and treatment from an educated and skilled Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Contact Chaya for an appointment to review your questionnaire and help you recognize what is your imbalance and what is your true nature and how to adapt diet and lifestyle according to your personal needs and condition.

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