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Chaya~Sharon HellerChaya~Sharon Heller, BA, CAP, C-IAYT, AYT-NAMA, E-RYT-500, LMT #MA59117

Chaya brings over 25 years of experience as a Holistic Health Educator and Practitioner, Performing Artist and Spiritual Teacher, with her unique approach to health care. The ChayaVeda™ Method of Yoga and Ayurveda is a transformational, mindful approach and holistic immersion into natural healing that transforms health and unlocks human and creative potential.

Health and well being result from modifiable lifestyle factors such as our food, environment, movement, rest, thoughts, emotions, and relationships, that contribute to either disease or health and the overall quality of our lives. Chaya distills truths from the Yogic and Ayurvedic medicine called Kayakalpa, and translates them into purposeful information and experiences for her clients to achieve optimum health and radiant well being.

Chaya's ChayaVeda Transformative Wellness Program, is an Ayurvedic approach to healthcare and wellness addressing all aspects of life that contribute to health. She is the creator of The ChayaVeda Integrative Healing Arts Studio, founder and director of The Chaya for Life Center, is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Educator at UF Health Shands Hospital, and has worked in therapeutic recovery settings such as the John Dewey Academy and in and out patient services at UF Health Shands Hospital.

Chaya holds a BA in Home Economics, with a specialization in food and nutritional sciences, from Queen's College and is a former dietitian at St. Vincent's Hospital in NYC and Food Service Supervisor at St. John's Hospital in Queens, NY. She has certifications from The Kripalu School of Ayurveda, Professional Level Yoga, Holistic Health Education, Panchakarma Therapy, and Massage and Bodywork, and is a certified Yoga Therapist, Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist, with advanced education and certifications from Jiva Ayurvedic Institute, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and Ayurvedic Health Services, LLC with Hilary Garivaltis, Anusha Sehgal Parivallal BAMS, MD (Ayu) and Dr. Gerard Buffo. As part of her education, Chaya studied with world-renowned educators in her field, including Doctors Vasant Lad, Partap Chauhan, John Doulliard, Sunil Joshi, Shekar Annambotala, Jay Apte, Robert Svaboda, and many more, and has been inspired by spiritual teachers Jiddu Krishnamurti, Swami Kripalu, Dr. Satyanarayana Das, Yogi Amrit Desai and Michael (Mickey) Singer.

Chaya authored "Yoga of Action; Holistic Lifestyle and Adaptive Yoga for People with Multiple Sclerosis and Similar Conditions" while leading adaptive yoga classes and wellness educational programs for the National MS Society in New England and South Florida for over 10 years. She is featured in "Kripalu Yoga; A Guide to Practice On and Off the Mat" and Yoga International Magazine.

Chaya, garnered prodigious testimonials for her life changing work, and helps people with conditions such as vertigo, high blood sugar, back pain, headaches, skin conditions, weight loss, allergies, digestive disorders, IBS, gerd, auto-immune conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and arthritis, as well as chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, & more.

Chaya is on the advisory board of The Woman's Connection, who's mission is to create an environment of life-long learning that empowers, nourishes and strengthens women. She is passionate about the physical, emotional and spiritual health of women and children, and also volunteers and contributes to Beit Ruth and The Pace Center For Girls.

"We Have to do our best, and live in a way that alleviates human suffering"

"I have dedicated my life to Ayurveda and transformative wellness education and services; developing programs that advance each individual to clarify their intention and direction through comprehensive strategies and integration to achieve purposeful, skillful and awakened expansion expression and evolution that will change the world." Chaya

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