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ChayaVeda™ Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Certification

Advanced training in Ayurveda and Yoga, for offering the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching and for yoga practitioners and teachers wanting to enhance their practice and teaching, to up-level skills and gain credentials for leading Ayurvedically informed yoga, by accessing the internal logic and causal theory that form a mindful, whole system Ayurveda and yoga therapy approach.

Ayurveda and Yoga, combined is known as a system of Kayakalpa, a specialized field of practice revered within the Ayurveda and Siddha medical systems of India as the ideal treatment for health, vitality, longevity and higher consciousness. The name is from the Sanskrit kaya (body) and kalpa (rejuvenation). This synergistic application and practice of Yoga and Ayurveda, along with Ayurveda's diet and lifestyle, is a complete system and an ancient practice of applied alchemy that frees the vital energy by purifying and nurturing the body, mind and energy with specific medicinals, therapies and practices. In this process, the regenerative powers within are awakened, creating a magnetic and vibrant being whose consciousness is transformed for the fulfillment of their life purpose.

This training offers the Ayurvedic Model for health and advanced training in Ayurvedically-based yoga, and focuses on the integration and application of Ayurvedic education for informing optimum yoga and yoga therapy and the complimentary science of self healing including constitutional diet and lifestyle that support it. 

Components include practical and experiential modules for understanding and accessing the internal logic and causal theory of yogic science, its associated medical discipline, Ayurveda, to form a whole systems Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy approach that is powerful and relevant to its comprehensive definition of health and teaching methodology. We will also include Functional Medicine and interfacing with the western model of health.

Students will learn to coach and teach Ayurvedic Lifestyle and tailor individual sessions to help people develop a personal diet, lifestyle, and yoga practice suited to their unique circumstances and goals, as well as format group classes according to special needs and conditions. They will also learn about Ayurvedic Diet and the role of digestive condition (agni/ama), panchakarma and rejuvenation for ideal outcome. 

ChayaVeda 1: Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Certification
3 weekend module format:
Module 1: February 2-4 • Module 2: March 16-18 • Module 3: March 30-April 1
​Program Schedule: Friday Evening 6:30pm-8:30pm, Saturday 7:30am-6:00pm, Sunday 7:30am-12:30pm
Held at ChayaVeda Integrative Healing Arts Studio

ChayaVeda 2: Advanced Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Certification
July 22-29, 2018

ChayaVeda 3: October, 2018, plus webinars, practicum and mentored clinical experience
ChayaVeda 4: January 2019,  plus webinars, practicum and mentored clinical experience

Completion of ChayaVeda 4 qualifies for Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor 

ChayaVeda 5:  March 2019plus webinars, practicum and mentored clinical experience
ChayaVeda 6: July 2019, plus webinars, practicum and mentored clinical experience
ChayaVeda 7: October 2019, plus webinars, practicum and mentored clinical experience
ChayaVeda 8: January 2020, plus webinars, practicum and mentored clinical experience

Completion of ChayaVeda 8 qualifies for Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist 

Competencies for Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist include those suggested by the NAMA Guidelines

CEU's For:  LMT's, NCTMB Approved Provider #50-119283,  NAMA Ayurvedic Consultants and Ayurvedic Practitioners, approved by The National Ayurvedic Medical Association, PACE, and Yoga Alliance (YACEP).

Though designed as a Professional Training, this is also an immersion for practitioners as well, so it is not a pre-requisite to be a yoga teacher to attend, though it is required for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy designation.

Accommodations at The Gainesville Retreat Center start at $40 per night. They have private and shared rooms, based on availability, first come, first served. To reserve please contact them directly.

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What students are saying about ChayaVeda's Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Certification:

This course was amazing! Chaya is like an encyclopedia! Her vast knowledge is mind blowing! I learned so much and I know my health and general well being will be forever changed because of her training. My experience of the program was wonderful. Overwhelming at times due to the amount of material I wanted to take in, but all in all, I am so thrilled that I got to experience it and learn the things I got to learn. The most valuable and meaningful experience was the nutrition part. The program passed my expectations. There was so much I did not know and so much I want to know based on Chaya’s presentations. Now that I am cooking and making sure things are warm, my body feels better. I learned that different doshas do better with different asanas and the Ayurveda way of living as far as herbs, nutrition, meditation, mantras, times of day that are best for my bodily functions and the list goes on! I plan to present this where I teach and have regular classes that will help others become even healthier as far as the things they need for their bodies in addition to yoga.
Trish DeThomas, Dental Hygienist, Yoga Instructor, Valdosta, GA

The program was very good. I learned a lot that is useful for my practice. I do a great deal of counseling patients with chronic pain. The most valuable and meaningful experiences were the yoga practice, the lectures, and the food preparation.  I notice I am more centered, open, better focused, and able to work with a trainer instead of isolating. I learned how to teach based on the doshas, food preparation for the doshas, how to look at myself and others, including clients, more holistically.
Judy Bridges, Psy Nurse Counselor, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Valdosta, GA

The use of the spices was my favorite part. I enjoyed the recipes for the churnas. I thought the program was long enough. It gave me enough terms to look up if I want to get more in depth. The most valuable and meaningful experience of the program was cooking the foods. The program more than met my expectations.  I liked the information more than I thought I would. I now put my spices in a more accessible place for ease of use. I learned about doshas, gunas, elements, specific postures for each dosha. I integrated this into my yoga class and work by utilizing the dosha questionnaire. 
Judy Richards, RN, Yoga Instructor, Gainesville, FL

This course is fabulous and transformational. The most meaningful part for me was the different dosha morning practices, learning about the food and which foods are better for the doshas. I have more knowledge about Ayurvedic Medicine and how yoga goes hand in hand with it. My mind has become aware of the repetitive thoughts and the constant loop it plays, I am more gentle with myself, and digestion has also improved.  I learned Ayurveda and Yoga go together. It feels right and true.
Michele Toner, Massage Therapist, Facial Specialist and Yoga Instructor, Palm coast, FL

This program gave me a number of gems to continue unfolding personally and professionally. The practical, applied aspects, and the philosophical framework were most meaningful for me. I am newly sparked and motivated to integrate more elements of Ayurveda in my daily life and practice. I’m learning to weave together the threads of Ayurveda and Yoga.  I envision taking the elements of the workshop and exploring further to experience the effects on myself and students.
Karuna, Yoga Educator, St. Augustine, FL

This course was great! I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot-not even including the subtle but profound influence. The most valuable and meaningful experiences were curiously, sometimes the general conversation contained tidbits that were incredibly valuable to me personally. I have become more aware of my lifestyle decisions and their impact as well. I noticed my need for patience, so I am more calm. I am making subtle lifestyle changes that hopefully will expand one step at a time. Something has shifted in a good and subtle way that I am still watching play out. Yeah! What I learned is pretty vast…. It has made me more aware….offered a different perspective…on how to approach differences within my student population.
Kathy Koberstien, Yoga Instructor, St. Augustine, FL

This course was great and very informative, with information you can put into use right away. It was very pleasant and enjoyable. The most meaningful and valuable experience for me were the yoga practices at the beginning of the day, which really helped me focus for being in class all day.  I am pleased with the content as well as how it was presented. I am now much more aware of my own health and am incorporating daily self care ritual into my life. It brought home the fact that yoga and Ayurveda are not separate practices, but part of our daily routine and practice. I plan to offer Yoga and Ayurveda Consults.
Leona Harter, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Jesup, GA

I noticed increased awareness of the effects of diet on my personal health, better understanding of how to teach a more balanced yoga class for each Dosha.  I plan to teach a workshop and maintain the daily habits that are a part of Ayurveda.
Renee Howerton, Yoga Instructor, Belleview, FL

“It gave me a better understanding of Ayurveda and how to apply it to my daily life. Recognizing imbalance, and how to apply diet and lifestyle changes to return to harmony. I’ve learned how much Yoga and Ayurveda compliment each other and learned so much about Ayurveda, I’d need a lot of pieces of paper to begin to write them”.
Tina Reed, RN, Land O’Lakes, Florida

“My experience of this program was “beautiful”. Chaya emanated “love,” “beauty” and “passion” in her lessons with life experiences, in a brilliant and unique way. This program offered reinforcement to my intuition. It was a life altering experience”.
Ophelia, Educator, event planner and yoga instructor, Palm Coast, Florida

“ChayaVeda was a life changing experience! The experience is about looking at yourself through the mirror of Ayurvedic science, and looking at the world around too with the mirror is fascinating! I feel like I can, with this knowledge and discrimination, choose better, what I eat. I learned how both sister sciences complement each other and how to integrate both paths for a better lifestyle, diet, exercise, herbs, etc…. I will integrate what I’ve learned into helping others to choose better, depending on constitution . I feel more knowledgeable than before in this subject”.
Viviana Collazo, Spritual Counselor, Yoga and meditation teacher, Orlando, Florida

“My understanding of Ayurveda was deepened through the comprehensive approach to yoga, to include the use of mudras, mantras and affirmations in an Ayurvedic Yoga Practice. I began paying more attention to my dietary choices, a few changes that are making a significant difference in my digestion. After being a student of yoga for 12 years, and Ayurveda for almost as long, I have learned I could study for the rest of my life and still be a student. This workshop provided a context of yoga as a part of Ayurveda and broadened the study to include many parts of yoga that are often omitted in the west. I have been integrating Ayurveda into my personal life for several years, and will continue to integrate the information from this course as it makes sense in my life. Professionally, as a yoga teacher, I will be trying to get a better sense of what my students “need” in their practice based on their general constitutions and season and try to provide a balanced practice”.
Jaime Boswell, Environmental Scientist and Yoga Teacher, Bokeelia, Florida

“This program was exciting….diving into a very layered and complicated subject with a really good navigator! The depth of the subject of Ayurveda, philosophy, gunas, the process of getting to the root causes were most valuable. I have noticed more self awareness, understanding human nature, and others habits, fears and patterns, and about how interconnected they are. I’m integrating daily routine to my day and encouraging others. Also when teaching, to bring some aspect of Ayurveda to light. Chaya, you covered so much, I don’t think you could add more”. Thank you!
Kathy Fotterall, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Vero Beach, Florida and Belfast, Maine

“It was wonderful to get together with many long time friends and learn Ayurveda from such a knowledgeable teacher. The nutrition component and learning more detail about the doshas were valuable. I’m paying closer attention to diet and started writing again! It was a great foundation for future Ayurvedic learning and training. As a massage therapist I look forward to integrating the work into my clients well being”.
Pitta, Pitta, Pitta. St. Augustine, Florida

“The program was challenging, overwhelming, too much, too vigorous, too hard and exactly what was needed. The food and self-realization was most valuable for me and I noticed more attention to affects of foods. I learned more than I can describe”.
Roberta Lacefield, Mathematician, farmer and yogini, White Springs, Florida

“A blessing to be together with you, Chaya, to learn about a subject I was interested in but knew little and with such a lovely group. I’ve noticed I am more grounded and noticing just a little different way of looking at myself- less critical”.
Dottie, Yoga teacher, White Springs, Florida

“Loved the workshop. All three weekends. I learned more in the first weekend than all other Ayurveda workshops combined. I’m much more aware of my eating habits and other things I do that are harmful to me. Yoga and Ayurveda when used together are very powerful and healing. I’ve also learned how to apply my teaching of yoga and Ayurveda. I loved all of it!! Thank you!!”
Micki Padma Hoggins, Yoga Teacher, Palm Coast, Florida

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